I was licensed in 1977 and my first contacts were made on a hombrew C.W. transmmiter. I am mainly a constructor and eventually I am rebuilding my own transceiver. After 20 year of use the  transceiver developed a fault that I won't repair this as  have several projects underway. My first transmitter was fitted with two 807's valves with an output of 60 Watts fed from a home made power supply.  My first rceiver was the SR550 and I improved the  sensitivity with a pre amplifer for 14, 21, & 28 MHz. I have been constructing a DDS transceiver since 1999  that is being modifiey yet again. The transmitter has 150 Watts output, but when I am transmitting I only use sufficient power to maintain the QSO.  I have been interested in Electronics since the early 1950's and I bought several battery TRF sets to improve my knowledge. I left school just before my 15th birthday and my first job was in a small radio shop 15 miles from home. I joined the railway in 1959 doing various jobs until I retired in 2001. In 1960 I built a small tansistor radio, but made a small mistake in the wiring, although it worked it did not tune the bands conrrectly. I joined British Railways Amateur Radio Society in 1979 and was the secretary from 1981 to 2013. My first Firac congress in Loctudy France in 1980 and I have only missed four meeings  since then.  I was part of the team organising four Firac meetings, (1982. 2001. 2006 and 2012 ). Due to the absence of the president I chaired the congress sessions in 2009 and 2013. In 2014 following my offical complaint I again chaired the working session and then was elected as vice president for yet one more year. I retired last year  form a part  time job so I now have time to construct equipment and I occasional appear on the Firace nets.